An Autism Service Dog can help in so many ways:

Increased Safety

Many children with autism have no concept of danger and run away. Macy’s Autism Pals dogs can be tethered to Clients child and trained to take commands from handler. The tether prevents the child from going any further than it allows and provides parents with an added sense of security.

Increased Socialism

Having the safety and stability of a service dog can allow parents to get out as a family and participate in new experiences on a more regular basis. When individuals see their child with their service dog, often they may engage the child, which encourages them child to talk about their dog. Parents have often observed an increase in communication skills, sometimes soon after meeting their dog. Clients may choose to not allow people to engage with the service dog due to safety reasons by using a “do not pet” patch on the service vest allowing them more control of the environment in public helping the dog to stay focused on his job.

Provide Stability

Children with autism often have a difficult time transitioning to new environments and may experience sensory overload. The service dog remains a constant in their life and provides stability. 

Reduce Outbursts

Macy’s Autism Pals Autism Service dogs help disrupt behaviors by making contact with the child by touch or by laying on the child’s lap. With screaming or other outbursts, the dog may act as a tactile distraction to redirect the child to a more positive behavior. Some dogs will learn this behavior over time or can be trained to proactively perform a “snuggle”

Constant Companion

Having a “constant” companion allows the child to focus on the service dog as opposed to the new environment. This assists the child in dealing with a new situation or change in routine. Service dogs can be used to help obtain better sleep patterns for children and parents by having the dog sleep with their child in their child’s room.

Provides Therapy

Having a Pal with your child allows them to receive deep pressure or also a tactical stimulant also to help their stressed. Parents often redirect their child to focus their attention on The dog and away fro from what ever is bothering them. 

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