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Our journey

Our journey

Several years ago my husband and I adopted three boys with autism. As our three boys began to settle into our family we started to realize what our family had committed to. The melt downs, odd behaviors, repetitiveness and not being able to take them anywhere was overwhelming. We did not know how to help our boys cope and interact with their world around them.

We did a ton of research on therapies and we found the ones that would benefit our sons. As therapy began to help them cope with life we still noticed something missing –they were still lacking more emotional stability, sensory input and independence that was different from what they were already receiving from us and therapy.

As we began our research on how a service dog could help our boys, we noticed that the waiting lists are incredibly long.....and with our boys needing something sooner, six years was way too long to wait. Thus began our journey to training service dogs for kids with autism.